Poultry Farming

Our poultry farming includes the rearing and sales of broiler chicken for meat and layer birds for egg production.

You can contact us for bookings for eggs, and chicken meat for your daily consumption or retail sales. Our poultry farms are kept under the best hygienic conditions. You can be guaranteed of maximum satisfaction. A trial will convince you.


Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse farming is the way to go when seeking a farming practice not affected by seasons and weather condition. It is affordable and economically and financially reasonable.

We offer the following greenhouse services:

  • Farming and production of tomato fruit, vegetables and cereals
  • Introduction of high quality greenhouses including irrigation system
  • Construction of greenhouse in any land provided by the client
  • Soil sterilization and preparations prior planting
  • Counselling and step-by-step guidance to have maximum production rate, hence maximum profit
  • Our greenhouse Models:
    8m by 40m - guaranteed yield of 6000kg/season
    8m by 20m - guaranteed yield of 3000kg/season.

    We can do custom services for those who request for it. You can also request for a quote here

    Crop Farming

    Our crop farming cuts across several categories of open field farming.

    We engage in the farming of grains, cash crops, legumes etc. Through the planting of hybrid and foundation seeds, we are able to attain a high yield in our open field farming which produces maximum profit for us. You can book for your seeds and get free consultancy.

    Consultancy Services

    We render consultancy services to people seeking to go into agricultural practices as a form of occupation or investment.

    Our vast knowledge scope and experience sets us on top to render this to potential clients exposing them to various opportunities they can take hold of in the agricultural sector. If you are seeking to know more, you can contact us or seek for an appointment with us.

    We offer training in poultry production and management, Greenhouse farming, seed storage, Fish farming and market evaluation. You can attend any of our training (either practical or seminar). To know more about our upcoming training click here

    Training Services

    We offer training in poultry production and management, Greenhouse farming, seed storage and market evaluation. To know more about our upcoming training

    Fish Farming

    Our fish farming is done under maximum hygienic condition. We are professionals in hatchery, grow out and processing methods. Our method of operation guarantees maximum profit leaving our clients and customers wanting for more.


    Our Investment Packages cuts across Poultry, greenhouse farming and Grain Storage

    The greenhouse investment window is open for intrested persons to partake in slots of N100,000 and earn either 20% ROI in 5 months or 30% in 8 months.
    To register for the 5 months package, click here.
    To register for the 8 months package, click here.
    Kindly fill the form and send to info@plethorafarms.com