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The Plethora Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society is the cooperative society of Plethora Farms with the primary objective of equipping farmers and agribusiness enthusiasts with the contemporary knowledge on agriculture and finance opportunities is Proud to present the Urban Greenhouse Borrowers Programme in Partnership with Primera MF Bank.

Primera MFBank, a partner for growth, is a fully licensed technology-driven finance platform that offers financial solutions to businesses and individuals. Anchored by a strong balance sheet and an experienced, hands-on management team, they are able to enhance financial inclusion by offering suite of financial services to meet the needs of clients.

Plethora Cooperative is poised with the passion of helping farmers and intending farmers actualize their agribusiness effortlessly.
We have a very wonderful country which we have all seen shift from wonderful to pitiable. Food security is a serious thing to be concerned about at this time. If we do not arrest this situation right now, we would soon be a starving nation. More people have to be enlightened, encouraged and harnessed with the right tools, knowledge and skills to fill the food chain production gap. It is upon this premise that the Plethora cooperative was established.

Urban Greenhouse Borrowers Programme (UGBP)

  • Are you a worker with a regular or monthly income?
  • Are you passionate about owning a greenhouse but don’t have the lump sum at the moment?
  • Benefits for You

  • Improve your income from the marketplace
  • Access to training and empowerment
  • Gain Economies of Scale and reduce cost of production thereby increasing profit
  • Benefit from profit from corporate and innovation projects
  • Access to loans for agribusiness
  • Get farm produce to the right market
  • Compete effectively in the global economy
  • Capitalize on new marketplace opportunities, including value-added processing
  • Manage risks corporately.
  • Things are getting very exciting here in Nigeria, with a whole host of possibilities for us to share in!

With a loan amount of ₦500,000 you can conveniently start your own 40 square metre greenhouse farm and pay back at a Repayment Schedule of 3% Interest Rate flat monthly for 8 months

Total Principal Borrowed = ₦500,000
Total Interest paid= ₦120,000
Total Amount Paid back in 8 months₦620,000

Repayment Schedule




Start Month



Month 1



Month 2



Month 3



Month 4



Month 5



Month 6



Month 7



Month 8






Powered by Plethora Agro Allied Global Ltd in partnership with
Primera MF Bank
NIRSAL (Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing system for Agricultural Lending)
Leadway Assurance PLC

Firstly, you must complete and submit a “Registration Form”, which is available here.